Why Use Deet Repellents?

Insect bites insects and mosquitoes, as well as ticks can be more than just irritating. Moreover they can lead to lasting or some serious health issues, sometimes even resulting in death. The main objective of this page is on why use Deet repellents. Read on to know more.

There are many reasons for using Deet repellents. Following the instructions and using DEET based repellents the right way can not only protect you from the insects. Generally speaking, the insect bites are just a nuisance, often causing itching or swelling. These symptoms of an insect bite are usually treated with over-the-counter medications.

But in rare circumstances, an insect bite can pass on certain diseases such as West Nile virus, St. Louis encephalitis and California encephalitis. These make very good reasons as to why use Deet repellents as you can considerably reduce the risk of getting a host of serious illnesses spread by these pests. In US, the most common diseases are Lyme disease, which is spread by the deer tick.

Besides repelling potentially disease-carrying insects and ticks, there are many more reasons to use Deet repellents. You and your family can enjoy outdoor activities more comfortably, without the fear of these annoying insects like mosquitoes and ticks troubling you.

Another reason as to why use Deet repellents is that it is an EPA-registered insect repellent and is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. These Deet based repellents are the most effective available and have the ability to keep you well protected from potentially disease-carrying insects and ticks. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends use of Deet insect repellents when out-of-doors. They also offer longer lasting protection than other products. In general, depending on the percentage of DEET in the product, the longer is the time it will protect you against the insect bites. We hope you are well aware of the many reasons for using Deet repellents after going through the above article.